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    Module Builds

     52°North Sensor Observation Service9.7 sec
     52°North Aggregated Third Party modules0.7 sec
     52°North SOS - Abstract Identifier Modifier Modules1.4 sec
     52°North SOS - Administrator Service Operator1.4 sec
     52°North SOS - Web Admin Controller2.6 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS API Module6.5 sec
     52°North SOS - AQD 1.0 API Operator1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension for AQD0.77 sec
     52°North SOS - AQD Split and Merge observations module2.2 sec
     52°North SOS - EXI Efficient XML Interchange Binding1.4 sec
     52°North SOS - JSON Binding1.4 sec
     52°North SOS - KVP Binding2 sec
     52°North SOS - POX Binding1.8 sec
     52°North SOS - SOAP Binding2.2 sec
     52°North SOS - Binding Modules0.74 sec
     52°North SOS - Cache4.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Web Client Controller1.8 sec
     52°North SOS - Coding Modules0.75 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension for AQD coding1 sec
     52°North AQD - 1.0 XML Coding2.5 sec
     52°North SOS - EXI Coding1.9 sec
     52°North SOS - JSON Coding8.2 sec
     52°North SOS - JSON Common3.4 sec
     52°North SOS - OWS 1.1.0 XML Request Coding3 sec
     52°North SOS - Abstract SensorML Coding Module1.4 sec
     52°North SOS - SensorML 101 Request Coding2.8 sec
     52°North SOS - SensorML 20 Request Coding3.2 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 1.0.0 XML Request Coding1.8 sec
     52°North SOS - 2.0 XML Request Coding4.5 sec
     52°North SOS - WaterML 2.0 XML Coding1.6 sec
     52°North SOS - Web Common Controller3.5 sec
     52°North SOS - Converter Modules0.78 sec
     52°North SOS - Core Modules0.97 sec
     52°North SOS - AQD 1.0 Core Profile Operator1.9 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 1.0.0 Core Profile Operator1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 2.0 Core Profile Operator2.2 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension Delete Observation0.79 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension Delete Observation - Operation2.7 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension Delete Observation - Hibernate DAO2.2 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension Delete Observation - JSON1.9 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension Delete Observation - KVP3.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension Delete Observation - XML1.6 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 2.0 Enhanced Profile Operator1.2 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 2.0 eReporting Extension5.7 sec
     52°North SOS - eReporting Prefixed identifier convert module2 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension Modules0.75 sec
     52°North SOS - Flexible identifier convert module1.9 sec
     52°North SOS - GetCapabilities DAO1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension GetDataAvailability0.73 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension GetDataAvailability - Hibernate DAO2.4 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension GetDataAvailability - SOS 2.0 Operation1.6 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Module0.68 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Common34 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate DAOs35 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Datasources0.78 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Common Datasource2.4 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate H2 Datasource1.7 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate MySQL Datasource1.7 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Oracle Datasource3.6 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Postgres/PostGIS Datasource2 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate SQL Server Datasource4.1 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Feature Query DAO33 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate H22.2 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Mappings1.7 sec
     52°North SOS - Hibernate Session Factory1.7 sec
     52°North SOS - Identifier Modifier Modules0.68 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 2.0 Inspire extension0.99 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension for Inspire - Code Module3.2 sec
     52°North SOS - Web Install Controller2.9 sec
     52°North SOS - Operation Request Operators0.75 sec
     52°North SOS - Prefixed identifier convert module1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Profile Module0.73 sec
     52°North SOS - Profile Coding Module1.6 sec
     52°North SOS - Profile XmlBeans Module1.9 sec
     52°North SOS - Coordinate transformation module1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension REST Binding0.75 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension REST Binding - Core1.6 sec
     52°North SOS - Extension REST Binding - XML2.3 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 2.0 Result Handling Profile Operator1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Split and Merge observations module1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Web Modules1 sec
     52°North SOS - SQLite Configuration4.6 sec
     52°North SOS - Test Module4.6 sec
     52°North Third Party - NCName resolver2.8 sec
     52°North SOS - SOS 2.0 Transactional Profile Operator1.3 sec
     52°North SOS - Converter Modules0.74 sec
     52°North SOS - Web Views4.7 sec
     52°North SOS - Webapp46 sec
     52°North SOS - Webapp with Sensor Web REST API9.3 sec