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Build #9 (Nov 27, 2014 1:46:08 PM)

  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 52n-wps-parent-3.3.0 (commit: a25672e) (details)
  2. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 568d646) (details)
  3. Add new supported schema to GRASSXMLGenerator (commit: 62396e5) (details)
  4. Added kml schema and mimetype to GRASSXMLGenerator (commit: 65846bc) (details)
  5. Switched to wps-config-xml 1.2.1 (commit: 1d9e6d9) (details)
  6. Update admin console with extended configuration (commit: e35adce) (details)
  7. Fixed Grass integration tests (commit: e3e44bd) (details)
  8. Added mechanism to send HTTP status codes... (commit: 15b842c) (details)
  9. Tests now are HTTP status code sensitive (commit: 79d55ec) (details)
  10. Test expected to fail are now http status code sensitive (commit: ced19f1) (details)
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