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Build #15 (Jul 14, 2014 8:26:54 AM)

  1. remove outdated license file (details)
  2. some code cleanup of code comments and method refactoring (details)
  3. refactoring of GenericRProcess: split up to several functional files, (details)
  4. rename R configuration variables (more consistently), refactor workspace (details)
  5. more fine grained exception handling (details)
  6. extend injection handling for WPS4R (details)
  7. update logging, no string concatenation anymore (details)
  8. add support for multiple script directories (details)
  9. add error handling for script files with missing annotations (details)
  10. fix r script metadata URLs for scripts within the webapp folder (details)
  11. add causing exceptions in description generation method (details)
  12. overhaul r algorithm repository (details)
  13. add configuration property for process description caching (details)
  14. minor documentation and logging changes for data type handling (details)
  15. add timestamp to work directories for easier identification on harddisk (details)
  16. close connection only when it is open (details)
  17. add CSV data type for R, including integration test (details)
  18. don't break with errorenous scripts during process description creation (details)
  19. set RServe connection encoding manually (just to be save) (details)
  20. add support for directory resources, implements  #75 (details)
  21. test shutdown of R server - did not work (details)
  22. add resource directory support, implementing #75 for real, with (details)
  23. close script stream even when exception during run (details)
  24. split up code into RSessionManager, add configuration for R session (details)
  25. remove session info (details)
  26. fix form client demos for R (details)
  27. simplify algorithm repository and improve semantics of cache property (details)
  28. improved logging if working dir cannot be cleaned up (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. 52North WPS Commons #14#15 (detail)
  2. 52North WPS Database #14#15 (detail)
  3. 52North WPS Input/Output API #14#15 (detail)
  4. 52North WPS Geotools Input/Ouput Implementation #14#15 (detail)
  5. 52North WPS Input/Ouput Implementation #14#15 (detail)
  6. 52North WPS Server #14#15 (detail)
  7. 52North WPS Algorithm API #14#15 (detail)