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  1. Remove/move/deprecate WebEndpoint classes from authn-web so that dependency of authn-web is not necessary any more to provide a WebEndpoint (detail)
    by jandrewnak
  2. Don't throw NPE on missing SAML2 metadata but proper exception (detail)
    by jandrewnak
  3. Catch ClientException in WASLoginModule to log in ERROR level instead of waiting for other component to catch it in INFO level (detail)
    by jandrewnak
  4. Use trace-level logging von trace logs (detail)
    by jandrewnak
  5. Remove more unused JavaDoc (detail)
    by jandrewnak
  6. Remove unused JavaDoc (detail)
    by jandrewnak
  7. -- throw exception, if communication with WAS fails (detail)
    by martinscherpinski
  8. Organize imports (detail)
    by jandrewnak
  9. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (detail)
    by markoreiprecht
  10. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 52n-security-api-2.4.11 (detail)
    by markoreiprecht

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