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  • feature/add-wps-v20-schemas

Module Builds

 52North XML Schema Bindings (didn’t run)
 ISO/TC 211 XML schemas (didn’t run)
 OASIS XML schemas (didn’t run)
 OGC XML schemas (didn’t run)
 W3C XML schemas (didn’t run)
 AIXM 5.1 schemas (adjusted to support metadata by reference) (didn’t run)
 OGC Context schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC CSW schema (spec. v2.0.2) (didn’t run)
 Event Model schema version 0.2.0 (didn’t run)
 OGC EML schema 0.0.1 (OGC Discussion Paper 08-132) (didn’t run)
 OGC EML schema 0.0.2 (OGC Discussion Paper 08-132) (didn’t run)
 OGC Filter schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC Filter schema (spec. v1.1.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC Filter schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 Geographic COmmon (GCO) schema (version 2012-07-13) (didn’t run)
 Geographic MetaData (GMD) schema (version 2012-07-13) (didn’t run)
 ISO 19115-2:2009 Geographic information -- Metadata -- Part 2: Extensions for imagery and gridded data schema (v0.1) (didn’t run)
 OGC GML schema (spec. v2.1.2) (didn’t run)
 OGC GML schema (spec. v3.1.1) (didn’t run)
 OGC GML schema (spec. v3.2.1) (didn’t run)
 OGC GML Coverage schema (spec. v1.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC Keyhole Markup Language schema (spec. v2.2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC O&M schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC O&M schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC OWS schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC OWS schema (spec. v1.1.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC OWS schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC OWS schema (spec. v2.0.2) (didn’t run)
 OASIS ebXML Registry Information Model (RIM) schemas v3.0.0 (didn’t run)
 OGC Sampling schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC Sampling schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SensorML schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SensorML schema (spec. v1.0.1) (didn’t run)
 OGC SensorML schema (spec. v2.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SES schema 0.3.0 (OGC Discussion Paper 08-133) (didn’t run)
 OGC SIR schema 0.3.2 (OGC Discussion Paper 10-171) (didn’t run)
 OGC SLD schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SLD schema (spec. v1.1.0) (didn’t run)
 W3C SOAP specification recommondation (v1.2 part 1) (didn’t run)
 OGC SOR schema 0.3.1 (OGC Discussion Paper 09-112r1) (didn’t run)
 OGC SOS schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SOS schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SOS GetDataAvailability schema 1.0 (OGC Best Practice 14-004r1) (didn’t run)
 OGC SPS schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SPS schema (spec. v2.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SWECommon schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SWECommon schema (spec. v1.0.1) (didn’t run)
 OGC SWECommon schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC SWES schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC WaterML DR schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC WaterML schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC WCS schema (spec. v1.1) (didn’t run)
 OGC WFS schema (spec. v1.1.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC WFS schema (spec. v2.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC WMS schema (spec. v1.3.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC WNS schema 0.0.9 (OGC 06-095) (didn’t run)
 OGC WPS schema (spec. v1.0.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC CSW-ebRIM schema (spec. v1.0.1) (didn’t run)
 W3C WS-Addressing specification schemas (v1.0) (didn’t run)
 OASIS WS-N specification schemas - including WS-BrokeredNotification (v1.3) (didn’t run)
 OASIS WS-Resources specification schemas v1.2 (didn’t run)
 W3C xlink schema (spec. v1.1.0) (didn’t run)
 OGC WPS schema (spec. v2.0) (didn’t run)